Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute Hairstyle For Sports

Our Princess has been playing soccer for the last few months and usually has her games right after school. So, we try to send her to school with a hairstyle that will work for sports.

When we only have time for a ponytail, by the end of the game most of her hair is coming out all over the place and in her way! So.... this is what we came up with to solve that problem. It stayed mostly in place the entire game and looks cute besides. :)
part design Make your parts and add a twist braid to each section. Of course, you could make regular braids instead if you prefer.
Then pull everything back into a ponytail. Easy peasy!
sporty hairdo
cute hairstyle for sports
soccer hair style
hairstyle for football For school we added this cute flower for some flair, then took it out before the game.
hairdo for sports Here she is after her soccer game so that you can see how it held up. Not too bad!
little girls soccer This hairdo doesn't only have to be for soccer. I think it would work for most sports.... Volleyball, softball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, figure skating. Whatever! What sports do your kiddos play??

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