Monday, May 19, 2008

Lacing Down to Elastic Braids

Okay, I'm not really that great at explaining these things. And, the picture isn't that great either. What you can't see, is that on top of her head, there is another "cross of hair", (so that it looks like a shoelace.) Hence my term "Lacing." Just start by making a part down the middle (like for pigtails.) Make two little ponies in the front, cross those ponies and add them to the next two ponies in the middle. Then, cross these and add them to the bottom two ponies. Add some elastics to the bottoms. (I'm sure you can figure it out!!)

Here's the front view. Doesn't she just look so thrilled????

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flat Irons
Quick and Easy Hair
With such a wide assortment of options out there, flat irons can be pretty hard to choose from. From 2” plates to ultra-mini models, choosing the one that’s right for you can truly be a mystery. If you’re searching for a quick and simple iron, look no further than the CHI hair iron, which will get your straightening done in a blink of an eye. With CHI’s easy ON / OFF button and great ionic plates, your soft, shiny, and healthy hair will be here to stay.

Hair Irons
Salon Hair Everytime
Using the correct hairstyling tips and a professional hair iron, it’s totally possible to achieve salon-quality hair. With a simple click of the switch on the HairArt flat iron, you’ll experience salon hair in no time. No more wasted hours sitting in the Salon waiting area, waiting for a one-day style that will fade in the evening. With the tourmaline plates found in HairArt flat irons, moisture can reemerge in your hair, allowing it to stay shiny, silky, and beautiful. So say goodbye to those bad hair days and get ready to say “Hello, Gorgeous”!

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