Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party

There is a week long Blog Party going on at 5 MINUTES FOR MOM which I'm so excited to be joining in on! There are lots of prizes to give away at the end of the week and of course the perk of finding new blogs to read as well. Interested in joining the fun? Everyone is invited. Click on this banner for details. :)

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
Also, just wanted to extend a huge welcome to all the party goers who may stop by! We're glad you dropped in on "Princess Hairstyles." If you have a "Princess" in your life who likes to have her hair done, feel free to come back and visit us any time for hairstyle ideas!

Happy Blog Hopping!!!!

Princess Toy Box Giveaway!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Hairstyles

Wow, Easter Sunday is this weekend! It kinda snuck up on me. :) Since we like to get all dressed up for Easter at our house, I thought some of you may do the same. I've picked out a few of our favorite fancy schmancy updo's/hairstyles that may be fun to try out on your little girl (or yourself) to go with your Easter Dresses.You can click on the link above the pictured hairdo to go to the instructions. Fancy Princess Updo and Easter Dress
Easter hairstyle for girls
Twist Braid Updospecial occasion hairdo
Easter Sunday French Braid Up dohairstyle for church
Woven Easter Basket Hairdo
woven basket hairstyleJust for fun, if you want to show off your princesses Easter Dresses..... we would love to see them! There's just nothing quite like a cute girl in a springy dress. Who could not feel happy after seeing that? Feel free to share your Easter pictures with us by posting them on our facebook page. I can't wait to see your cuties all dressed up!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Elastics To The Side

We are loving these sidewinders because we can do a quick and simple hairstyle like this one, yet when we add them in, it's still different and fun!
hairstyle for little girlsFor the hairstyle: Part out a square on top of her head first. Then part out a section in front and add the first elastic. Add the hair from the first section all the way back. Easy and quick! We added 2 sidewinders (mixing pink and clear) to the ponytail after.
adding beads to hair
hair holders hairstyle My only complaint is: We have had a hard time keeping the sidewinders in without them sliding out. (I'm guessing this is because The Princesses hair is so smooth and straight.) Our solution has been putting an elastic at the bottom of the sidewinder, which works great.

sidewinder hairdo Or, we add some type of a braid to keep the sidewinder from slipping. I recycled the top of this hairdo and used those elastics two days in a row. Hey, school starts early!!
two braids hairstyle
cute girls hair style

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sidewinder Tiara Hairstyle

This hairdo is easy and quick! I didn't even take step by step pics because I figured they aren't needed. :) I made 5 ponytails in the front, split the 3 middle ponies in half, added a 1-inch sidewinder to each strand and combined them together in the back with 4 elastics.
beaded hairstyle hair accessory The sidewinders come in 2 pieces that are twisted together, so you can mix and match colors if you want to. You could either do everything the same color, or combine colors like we did here. tiara hairstyle
banded hairdo I love these because they look a lot like beads but are so much faster and easier to add!Oh and btw, this is the last day to enter our contest to win some free sidewinders. You can go here to enter if you would like!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Hair Idea/Accessory & Giveaway

I'm so excited about these fun new hair accessories! I don't think I've seen anything quite like them before.

They're called Sidewinder Hair Holders and my daughter and I are in love with them! We've actually gone a little nuts this past week or two trying them out with different hairstyles. They're just so cute and different (and quick.)

Here is the first of several hairstyles we have planned to post using these Sidewinders in the next few weeks. I "stole" this hairstyle idea right off of the Sidewinder website! You can click over to watch a video on how to make this hairstyle and put the Sidewinder in your hair if you would like.

Oh and of course I couldn't show you this fun new "gadget" without offering up a giveaway too! Go here for a chance to win some Sidewinders of your own. (10 winners this time!)
quick hairstyle for girls As usual, you need to go to our giveaway blog to enter the contest. Comments on this post won't count. Go here to enter:

Also, if you entered the contest for the gift certificate to Tritzi, the winner has been posted here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Hairdo Idea

I wasn't planning on posting today. But, this *pre-St. Patricks's hairstyle just turned out so cute! I had to share it. :)

Here's a quick video tutorial showing how...
Make the french braid first. I did a diagonal inside-out french braid. A regular french braid would also work. Or if you don't know how to french braid, you could do an elastic braid. Whatever!

Ribbon Braid dutch braid To sew around the braid, I used our plastic needle and did it basically the same way I did this ribbon headband hairstyle. Start sewing at the bottom, on one side of the braid. Sew up to the top and down the other side with each ribbon. (You'll need 3 pieces of ribbon total.)
hairstyle using ribbons
st. patrick's day hairstyle This was actually fairly quick too! From start to finish this took less than 15 minutes. Have a happy St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and in case you're wondering, the cute shamrock bow came from Kells Bows.

Friday, March 12, 2010

St. Patricks Day Hairstyles - The Rainbow and Clover

We actually did this St. Patrick's hairstyle 2 years ago! I meant to post it last year and then forgot. It's been sitting in my drafts all this time. :)

I remember experimenting and trying to figure out how to add watermarks on these pictures too. You'll have to ignore our old "hair4myprincess" address on these pics. I'm WAY too lazy to go back and change the watermarks.Anway, this is pretty self expanatory I think. It's supposed to be a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end (since her hair is kind of a golden color lol.) This is a "Princess Original" as it was her St. Patrick's idea!

Just part from side to side, make your elastic connecting braid, and finish off each section before you part out the next section back. Of course, use the same color of elastics on each part of the "rainbow." Pull everything together on the side. I made a messy type bun, as you can see. She wore it in a curly side ponytail the next day, that was cute too. rainbow hairdo See where the orange elastics are? Those were actually supposed to be green like the colors of a real rainbow would be. Well, our green elastics had gone MIA (of all colors to be missing on St Patty's) so orange it was.
st patrick's hairstyle
st. patricks day hairdo Oh and Just a little warning; this hairstyle took awhile! I wouldn't recommend attempting it unless you have a good 30 minutes to spare. We were both tired of it towards the end!! There was something good that came from spending all that time on this though..... She was able to wear it for 3 days and it held up really well. Of course, there is also the clover hairstyle we posted last year. You can find that here: St. Patrick's Hairdo clover hairdo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tritzi Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Head on over to our giveaway blog and enter to win a gift certificate From "Tritzi" for some cute hair accessories like these......

five strand french braid fish braid
Notice I attempted a 5 strand diagonal french braid! It went ok until I got to the bottom lol. Thank goodness I could cover up the "not so nice part" with a cute flower from Tritzi!! :) The hairstyle on the right is just a regular old fish braid. On school mornings we do quick braids like this A LOT. It's fun to have some cute accessories to spice them up a bit. To enter the contest for the gift certificate, go to our giveaway blog:
Any entries on THIS post will not count. Go HERE to put your entries in. Thanks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Strand Braid Video

After seeing the 5 strand braid that one of our awesome readers submitted the other day, I was determined to figure out how to do it. So, here's my first attempt.....
5 strand braidAs you can see, it's definitely not perfect and I need to practice before I feel comfortable trying a Five Strand French Braid version. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be though. You can do it! Here's the video that taught me how. Give it a try!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2009

Imagine my surprise and shock when yesterday I was checking out Momdot's annual list of the "top 100 mom blogs on the net" for 2009. (A lot of my favorite blogs are on this list: Pioneer Woman, Nie Nie, My Charming Kids.) And then I came across number 76........ which happened to be US!!!!

What? Who? How?

Anyway "The Princess" and I are beyond HONORED to be part of this list. I mean what in the world? One of the top 100 for the whole internet!?! Maybe it's a mistake or something (shhh don't tell anyone and we'll ride it out while it lasts lol) but we'll take it.

So, I obviously wanted to thank Momdot for choosing our blog and making our day. And what better way is there to thank a blogger than by a whole bunch of comments. (Because we all know bloggers love comments, right?) So if you have a few extra minutes: Head over to Momdot, check out her list of the top 100 blogs, and leave Trisha a comment letting her know I sent ya. (Even though we're one of the smaller blogs on her list, I definitely want her to know we have by far the best readers!!!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Hairdos Part 3

This will be our last guest post (at least for a little while.) Then, I've got some fun hairstyle ideas for St. Patricks Day I'm hoping to squeeze in next week.

1. I had to start off with this one since Dr. Seuss's Birthday was just the other day! This "Cindy Lou Who hairstyle" was made by placing a small paper cup under her hair. The mom who sent this one in sure is creative! I love it!! This would be perfect for Halloween or Dr. Seuss Day.

2. French Braid pigtails
3. French Braided Heart

4. Twist Braids
5. French Braid Headband

6. Woven Pigtails7. Braided Connectors
8. Quick Heart Ponytail9. 5 strand french braid! (I really want to try this.)
10. Quick Heart Hairstyle
11. Olympic Rings Hairstyle
12. French Braid Heart With Ribbon13. Quick Heart Pigtails variation
14 and 15- Easter Updo Variations
16. Renaissance Hairstyle17. Twist Weave and Cross Hairdo
18. Cute Fairy Costumes
19. Easter Updo

20. Quick Heart variation
21. Five Minute Hairstyle variation
22. Twist Braids23. Twist Braid Star Hairstyle
I'm so impressed with all of these great hairdos! Thank you so much (all of you) for sending in your pictures. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If you've done a hairstyle you were wanting to share with us, you can post it to our facebook fan page at anytime. There have been a lot of fun pictures posted to our page lately, so feel free to join us and check out our "fan photos" and "favorite hairstyles" albums while you're there if you're looking for more ideas.