Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fourth Of July Hairstyle, Ribbon Headband

We posted this braided ribbon headband a couple of years ago along with a few other hairstyles for the 4th of July and decided we needed to add a video tutorial for you.

Of course, this cute ribbon headband doesn't just have to be for July fourth. You could switch up the colors of the ribbon for any holiday or occasion. The princess requested this hairstyle several times last year for "spirit day" at her school (which is a day where they are supposed to wear their school colors.) I'm thinking this would be a cute hairdo for cheerleading, dance, gymnastics or other sports with her team colors. You could add a ponytail, bun, or pigtails if you would rather have her hair up for a sporting event..
4th of july hairstyleBtw, a lot of you have made requests for video tutorials of many of our older hairstyles. I am working on going back through our hair blog and making some videos. Just keep in mind, it's a slow process. :) Hopefully I will eventually get to all of them.

Fourth of July Ribbon Headband Hairstyle:

What are your plans for the 4th of July this year? We'll probably be watching a parade, fireworks, and having a picnic. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Pretties Please" Gift Certificate Giveaway Winners!

The 3 winning commenters of the Pretties Please $10 gift certificates (chosen by are....

tara said...
I likeed the Prettiies please on fb as well.

erin_allison said... I subscribed to the Pretties Please newsletter!Mindy1024 said...I love the peony flower bows and the flip flopsCongrats: Tara, Erin_Allison, and Mindy1024!Please send an email to Princess Hairstyles at gmail dot com to claim your prizes.And of course, thank you everyone else who entered. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letters To Juliet Hairstyle

The Folded Half Ponytail Hairstyle From "Letters To Juliet"

Awhile back (around the time this movie came out) I did a post about some of the cute hairstyles in the movie "Letters To Juliet." This was right after we had cut the princess's hair for Locks Of Love and sadly she didn't have quite enough length to try and recreate any of the hair styles. Well, it has been awhile and her hair has grown quite a bit. Enough in fact that we were able to attempt this cute rolled, twisted and folded half pony!

Here is the original hairstyle on Amanda Seyfried (or Sophie in the movie.) Which I grabbed from the Letters To Juliet Trailer on Youtube.

amanda seyfried hairAnd here is our attempt at recreating the style: Btw, I need someone to come to my house while we are filming a hairstyle and remind me to take pictures afterwards. Any takers? lol. This is the second time recently that I have forgotten to take a pic and have had to use a screen shot from our video!
letters to juliet hair
So anyway, this is a great hairstyle for moms as well as teens, tweens, and girls. I actually tried this on my own hair when I got home from the movie the night I watched it and have worn it quite a bit since then.... so I've had some practice. I love that this hairdo is quick but still has an elegant look to it.

The Letters To Juliet Hair Tutorial:

As you'll notice while watching the tutorial, I only used 2 bobby pins to create the style. Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, you may need to use more. This will also depend on the type of bobby pins you are using. We purchased the bobby pins used in this video at a beauty supply store, so they hold a little tighter than the usual cheapy version. You'll probably need to experiment a little and figure out what works best for you!

Monday, May 30, 2011

French Fish Braid Hairstyle, Side Swept

The Sideways Fishtail Braid

We posted a picture of this side swept french fish bone braid here on our blog and on one of our hairstyle ideas videos on Youtube awhile ago. Since then we have received request after request for a video tutorial. Well, here we are almost 2 years later finally getting around to it! :)

This unique looking hairdo is actually pretty easy and uncomplicated (although it is a little more time consuming than a regular french braid.) It also takes a bit to get used to making the braid sideways instead of up and down.

sideways french fish braid
french fishtail braidFor me, this braid is easier to make with wet hair (since the princess's hair is naturally so straight and tends to get flyaways while dry.) But, depending on the hair texture you are working with, you may want to try it dry. If you have naturally curly hair, this would look adorable done with a more tousled, dry, beachy, look. Just do what works best for you!

herringbone braid
fabric flower headbandAnd here's the video tutorial some of you have been asking for..... finally!

Btw, did you notice the adorable headband and flower accessories in these hairstyle pictures? I'm participating in a 3 part series of posts called "Mums The Word-But I Just Gotta Tell Ya" for All Things Ribbon. The fun mom (Jen) over at sent myself and 2 of my hair blogging friends (Girly Dos and Babes In Hairland) these darling mums. Each of us are taking a day to post a hairstyle using her adorable creations! I can't wait to see what the other 2 hair bloggers come up with and will add links from this post when they get their hairstyles up so that you can see them too! You may also want to join All Things Ribbon on Facebook where you can keep up with Jen's latest creations and great deals!!

To see what Girly Do's did with these adorable mums, go check out her triangle curls!
And, click here to see Babes In Hairland cute Figure 8 Braid Side Pony!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spiral Knot French Braid

This is a fun and unique braid that I sort of figured out on accident! :) We were doing our knotted french braid hairstyle for school one morning and with just a small tweak, it turned into this.......
braided side ponytailIn case you have forgotten what the original knotted french braid looks like, here it is below: As you can see when you compare these 2 braids, they really don't look the same at all. But as you'll notice in the video... they are made almost the exact same way.
unique knot braid (Sorry about the poor quality of these pics btw. I had pictures of this finished hairdo saved in draft when blogger had it's outage and well, they seem to have disappeared. Of course, I deleted the original pictures off of my card and didn't want to do the hairstyle over. So, I ended up just using a few screen shots of the video for our blog.)

Here's a picture of the back of this hairstyle. We have been loving side ponytails lately and I really like how this braid adds a little something extra to the style.
cute side ponytail styleAnother variation we did with this recently: This hair style was made with the same braiding technique shown in the video below. We just added another braid underneath the first one and took smaller sections to bring the "spirals" or "coils" closer together. There are lots of fun variations and hairstyles you could make with this braid.
coiled spiral braidAnd here's the Spiral French Braid Video Tutorial:

Surprisingly, this hairstyle only takes a few minutes to complete. You can be out the door for school, work or whatever in 5 minutes or less!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HANAair Professional Hair Dryer Review

I don't do a lot of product reviews on this hair blog (mainly for lack of time.) But, I couldn't pass this one up! I've been using the same hair dryer for years and it's pretty much on it's last leg. A common occurrence (while using my old dryer) is to be about halfway done drying my hair when it overheats and shuts off! I just really don't have time for it most mornings and it's becoming a huge pain. (I won't mention which brand it is, but I think it cost around $15 at Walmart if that tells you anything.) So.... when I was contacted by Misikko to give this Professional Hana Hair Dryer a try, of course I said yes. I have used several Hair Straighteners from this same brand, so I know how great their products are.

This hair dryer is nothing like my old one. It's probably not even a fair comparison. But, so far I love it so much more.
professional hair dryer reviewMy favorite features are the adjustable heat and air settings. It has 3 heat settings, 2 fan settings and a cold shot button. I don't blow dry my daughter's hair very often, but when I do... she really doesn't like the heat. So the lowest heat setting is perfect for her. I (on the other hand) need some heat to help flatten and straighten my frizzy hair. :)

hanaair hair dryer
From the Misikko website: "This dryer has been Salon tested and Salon recommended since its inception. Inspired by Italian design, the combination of HANAair's strongest AC motor along with its tourmaline lined ceramic heater will dry your hair up to 60% faster maintaining natural shine while promoting healthy luxurious hair."

I wanted to test this dryer out to see if it really would dry my hair faster than my old store brand. My old blow dryer took just under 15 minutes to completely dry my hair.

I was almost shocked at how powerful this dryer was the first time I tried it. It really blows! :) And yes, it was much quicker- only taking 6 minutes!

The Pros:
Quick drying time Long cordAdjustable heat settingsGreat qualityIonic heat that is supposed to be healthier for your hairThe weight and feel of the dryer
The Cons:
Price. This hair dryer is on sale right now for $194.99. I'm a frugal person, so I would have a hard time paying that for a hair dryer. I'm thinking you would need to look at this as an investment in something that would outlast and outperform the cheaper products available and eventually pay for itself over time.So overall, would I recommend this dryer? Definitely yes!

*I was provided a hair dryer for this review by No other compensation was exchanged. The opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Hairstyles - Elastic Halo

This will be our last baby hairstyle of baby hair week. It's been so fun, we may have to do it again sometime! In case you missed the first few baby styles of the week, here are the links:

4 connecting ponytails
Criss Cross Pigtails
Tiny French Braids

We're calling this one the "Elastic Halo Hairstyle"

baby halo hairstyleTo begin, part out a small triangle in the back and add a ponytail. Split that ponytail in half and take half of the hair over to the next ponytail you part out. Leave the other half of the hair there so that after you go all the way around her head (and end up where you started,) you will have something to add the last bit of hair to. I tried to make triangle parts all the way around, but since I was working on a squirmy baby... they didn't turn out exactly perfect. :)
hairstyle instructions for babyWe sometimes joke that she is the "queen" of our house since we are always at her beckon call. So, maybe we should have called this the crown hairstyle instead!!
crown hairstyle for babyIf you wanted to, you could add a braid or twist between each elastic for some extra flair.
toddler hair with elasticsHave a great weekend everyone! And... Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiny French Braids - Baby Hairstyles

French Braiding, For Babies

I wasn't sure if our Pea had enough hair for a french braid, but decided to try it one day. Turns out you really don't need that much hair at all to make it work! I've found that inside-out braids are faster for me to do, so that's what I've been sticking with. Don't worry about making your braids perfect on a squirmy baby, that's just not realistic. Just work as fast as you can and hope for the best. :)

Here are just a few styles we have done using tiny french braids:

I think this double french braid is my favorite style on her!
baby braided hairstyleOne french braid across the front:
baby girl hairstyleA braid with pigtails: (This was actually the second day for this braid, it held up pretty well!)
tiny braid with pigtailsOne diagonal braid:
baby french braidAnd, a braid on each side:
2 braids
french braids for babyWe've had a few people ask how old she is; She's 10, almost 11 months right now. And yes, she does have a ton of hair for her age. Please please don't tell me she's not a baby anymore. My heart can't take that. :) They grow up too fast!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Hairstyles - Criss Cross Pigtails

Criss Cross Headband With Pigtails Hairstyle For Babies:

criss cross hairstyle for babiesSince I have about a 1-2 minute window to complete a style on our little Pea before she is done... I don't have time for step by step pics. This is the best I could do!

Make ponytail 1, then directly behind it make ponytail 2. Split ponytail 2 in half and take each half of the hair over to combine on each side with ponytails 3. Lastly, split the hair in ponytail 1 in half and adding the hair from each of those halves with the hair from ponytails 3 on each side, combine everything into ponytails 4 to form the pigtails. Whew!
hairstyle instructions for baby
baby girlNon hairstyle related, but don't you love these chubby little baby arms? :)
cute baby girl hairstyleWe'll have another baby hairstyle ready for you tomorrow, so be sure to check back. In case you missed it, you can find hairdo #1 of our baby hair week here:

Baby Hairstyle - 4 Ponytails

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Taylor Swift Hairstyle - "Love Story" Updo

Taylor Swift curly updo hairstyle from the music video "Love Story"

Taylor Swift UpdoThe Princess is a big fan of Taylor Swift's music. We happened to see her Love Story video and of course fell in love with her hairstyle in the video! We've been wanting to try it for awhile and finally got around to it this weekend.

At first I tried to place the headband underneath her hair that is swept up and twisted on the sides. (The same way Taylor Swift's hair is in the video.) Well, the headband kind of got lost under all of those curls and was barely visible. :)
Updo with headband hairstyleSo, we ended up moving the headband on top of the hair and more towards the front of her head where it could be seen.

I'm loving this vintage princessy look! Of course, it doesn't look exactly like Taylor Swifts hair, but pretty darn cute either way.
wedding updoI could see this working for a wedding hairstyle for the bride or flower girl. Or maybe a hairstyle for prom or other dance.
taylor swift hairstyle love story
To complete this style, you will need:

Naturally curly hair...... or some curlers or curling iron.
An elastic
Several Bobby pins
A headband, ribbon or other accessory for some added sparkle. (In case you are wondering, we purchased our headband at regular old Walmart. I believe it was made by Goody.)

And here is the video tutorial:
Our princess was so thrilled to have matching hair with her favorite singer Taylor Swift! She said this is her favorite hairstyle so far. ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Make A Messy Bun

A Quick And Easy Messy Bun Hairstyle

Quite honestly, making a messy bun has always been hard for me! I know it sounds dumb because the whole point is that a messy bun is supposed to be effortless. Well, for some reason I've always had a problem making them and have had a hard time finding a technique that will work for me without a lot of struggle.

You may remember we posted a messy bun for long hair quite awhile ago. I'm thinking messy buns are much harder to make with long hair. Ever since the princess got her hair cut, these buns have been much more cooperative for me. :) After some experimenting (and some failures) I think we've finally found a method that seems to work almost every time for us.

Yes, this video is probably not needed for most of you (who I'm sure have been messy bun pros for a long time.) But, if anyone out there struggles with making a messy bun like me... maybe this will help?
messy bunOh, and we found these cute new accessories called Bendini Clips recently. (LOVE them.) They are made by Scunci and come in designs made for little girls as well as teens and adults. These clips can be found online at Hair Flair Boutique (look for "Bendini" on the left sidebar.) I'm not sure if these are available in stores yet or not... I haven't had time to look, but you may be able to find them in stores where Scunci accessories are sold.
messy bun with clipThe messy bun video tutorial:
(This method works best with medium length hair.)

I had big plans for a cute new Easter Hairstyle that I was going to post this week, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time for it. If I don't get around to it, feel free to browse through a few hairdos we have done in the past for Easter Sunday by clicking here: Easter Hairstyles

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Never Ending French Braid Bun

French Braiding, Circular Style

I'm not exactly sure of the "official" name of this braid, or if it even has one. I've seen it done before, but I've never seen the name. So, if you know... please tell us in the comments. :)

We're calling it the Never Ending French Braid Bun because it's hard to tell where the braid starts and where it ends! This could also be called a French Braid crown or a Halo Braid. Well, whatever you want to call it... it's a fun and unique french braid hairstyle that probably isn't done very often!

You could do this hairstyle in several different variations. We actually did a hairstyle using this same concept awhile back in a half ponytail. You can see that one here: Rays of Sunshine Hairstyle.

Here is the hair style using one single braid/bun:
french braided crownOr, you could double the braids up and make french braid pigtail buns!
circular french braidsIn pigtails, this actually reminds me of a Princess Leia Hairstyle. ;)
princess leia hairHere's the video tutorial:

Of course if you wanted to, you could add some flowers or ribbons to this hairdo. I think it would be an adorable Hairstyle For Easter Sunday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Blanket Project Results

Some of you may remember about a month ago when we posted about a service project we were working on. I just wanted to let you know how it turned out and tell you all THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping us! Between all of you visiting our site while we had the ad running... and a generous donation from Princess Time Toys (who by the way was so sweet to offer.) We were able to double our goal of 10 blankets and purchase enough material to make 20!!
Since we were able to purchase so much fabric, we ended up going with a less time consuming knotting pattern and recruited the Princess's Grandma, Grandpa and even a few Uncles to help us complete some of these blankets! I'm not sure any of us will be up for cutting fabric or tying knots ever again. :) No really, we had a great time working on these and hope in some small way these blankets will help to brighten someone's day.

Thank you again for helping us with this project. It means a lot! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Knotted Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Here's another quick and easy hairstyle that can be made using a Flexi Clip.

Half Ponytail Hair Knot

fancy half ponytail hairstyleThis style literally takes 1 minute to complete! Great for moms, teens, tweens and kids on busy school mornings. I would recommend this hairstyle for long hair or medium length hair.

I think the "hair jewelry" or "flexi clip" gives this hairdo such a pretty, fancy and elegant look. But, if you don't have a flexi clip, you could use a barrette or other accessory to secure the knot. You could even use a regular rubber band if you wanted to.

Here's a quick video tutorial showing how to make the hair knot:

Just a fun, quick and easy way to spice up a regular old half pony.

Oh, and of course... Happy April Fools Day!! Don't worry, I'm not going to try and pull any tricks on you this year. But, if you are in the mood for a silly April Fool's joke, you can check out our post from last year here: April Fools

Monday, March 28, 2011

Survivor Braided Hairstyle

Survivor "Redemption Island" Braided Hairstyle:

On last weeks episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, one of the girls (Andrea Boehlke) had the cutest beachy braided cornrow hairstyle! I have to laugh because team members Andrea, Ashley and Natalie got into a bit of "trouble" with another cast member for playing "beauty pageant" instead of working around camp lol. Apparently it was worth it though because gosh, look how cute these beachy french braids are!
survivor hairstyle andreaI had to snap a picture of our TV right then and there! And of course, we wanted to recreate this hairdo on our princess. Keep in mind, it would be better to be working with dry, slightly wavy hair to create this tousled beach look. The princess had freshly washed/wet/straight hair when we decided to try this one, so it's more slicked down and less messy looking than the survivor camp version.

We started with a regular side part.
Then made 3 cornrow braids on one side of the part....
On the other side of the part, I left out a section in front to braid later and added 2 more cornrows slanting slightly forward. If I did this again, I would probably angle them more sharply towards the front of her head.
Next I started another cornrow with the front section or "bangs" and added in the other 2 cornrows with the braid as I got to them.
I kept braiding, and as I turned the corner, only took hair from the top of the french braid around to the back.
After all of the braiding was complete, I added everything together into a ponytail.
And lastly, made a messy type bun....
messy bunThe finished style...
survivor braided hair styleI should have taken a picture, but the day after we did this- her hair looked more like Andrea's (since the braids had a chance to loosen up and get a little messy overnight.)
redemption island hairstyleA fun braided style for the beach, camping, or anytime. :)
beach braids
cornrow hairstyle survivorThank you Survivor for the hairstyle inspiration! I'm so impressed with the cute braids this season (especially considering the girls have no hair tools to work with.) Who would have thought?