Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Hairstyles - Elastic Halo

This will be our last baby hairstyle of baby hair week. It's been so fun, we may have to do it again sometime! In case you missed the first few baby styles of the week, here are the links:

4 connecting ponytails
Criss Cross Pigtails
Tiny French Braids

We're calling this one the "Elastic Halo Hairstyle"

baby halo hairstyleTo begin, part out a small triangle in the back and add a ponytail. Split that ponytail in half and take half of the hair over to the next ponytail you part out. Leave the other half of the hair there so that after you go all the way around her head (and end up where you started,) you will have something to add the last bit of hair to. I tried to make triangle parts all the way around, but since I was working on a squirmy baby... they didn't turn out exactly perfect. :)
hairstyle instructions for babyWe sometimes joke that she is the "queen" of our house since we are always at her beckon call. So, maybe we should have called this the crown hairstyle instead!!
crown hairstyle for babyIf you wanted to, you could add a braid or twist between each elastic for some extra flair.
toddler hair with elasticsHave a great weekend everyone! And... Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!

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