Monday, March 28, 2011

Survivor Braided Hairstyle

Survivor "Redemption Island" Braided Hairstyle:

On last weeks episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, one of the girls (Andrea Boehlke) had the cutest beachy braided cornrow hairstyle! I have to laugh because team members Andrea, Ashley and Natalie got into a bit of "trouble" with another cast member for playing "beauty pageant" instead of working around camp lol. Apparently it was worth it though because gosh, look how cute these beachy french braids are!
survivor hairstyle andreaI had to snap a picture of our TV right then and there! And of course, we wanted to recreate this hairdo on our princess. Keep in mind, it would be better to be working with dry, slightly wavy hair to create this tousled beach look. The princess had freshly washed/wet/straight hair when we decided to try this one, so it's more slicked down and less messy looking than the survivor camp version.

We started with a regular side part.
Then made 3 cornrow braids on one side of the part....
On the other side of the part, I left out a section in front to braid later and added 2 more cornrows slanting slightly forward. If I did this again, I would probably angle them more sharply towards the front of her head.
Next I started another cornrow with the front section or "bangs" and added in the other 2 cornrows with the braid as I got to them.
I kept braiding, and as I turned the corner, only took hair from the top of the french braid around to the back.
After all of the braiding was complete, I added everything together into a ponytail.
And lastly, made a messy type bun....
messy bunThe finished style...
survivor braided hair styleI should have taken a picture, but the day after we did this- her hair looked more like Andrea's (since the braids had a chance to loosen up and get a little messy overnight.)
redemption island hairstyleA fun braided style for the beach, camping, or anytime. :)
beach braids
cornrow hairstyle survivorThank you Survivor for the hairstyle inspiration! I'm so impressed with the cute braids this season (especially considering the girls have no hair tools to work with.) Who would have thought?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hair Jewelry Giveaway Winners!

Thank you everyone who entered the Lilla Rose Giveaway! Here are our 3 winners (chosen by

Congrats Brynn, Christy and Jen! Please send an email to princesshairstyles at gmail dot com to claim your prizes.

And, a sneak peek into some upcoming tutorials using the "jewelry".....
woven half ponytaileasy half ponytail
hair knotfrench twist

All 4 of these hairstyles are simple, quick, and easy. Each style takes less than 2 minutes to complete using only the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip! We have made videos showing how to make each of these hairdos that I'll be posting over the next few weeks. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Hairstyle | Woven Half Ponytail

A Fancy Half Ponytail

This is the first of several quick and easy hairstyles we'll be posting using a flexi clip. Of course if you don't have a flexi clip, you could accomplish this same woven look with a barrette or a variety of other hair accessories.

This would be a great hairstyle for school mornings since it can be done in under 2 minutes! We just wanted something simple, but unique and pretty at the same time.

fancy woven half ponytailI'm thinking this half-up hair style would be cute for teens, tweens, girls and moms. ;) You could maybe even wear this to a dance or other special occasion of you wanted to.

The video tutorial:

We found the clip used in this video at Lilla Rose. It's a size "extra small" if that helps.

Oh and of course, if you love this clip... we are hosting a giveaway right now. If you would like to enter to win a free Lilla Rose Clip, click over to our giveaway blog.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainbow Bun - Dance Bun With Ribbon

Ballet Bun With Ribbon

Here's a cute and unique hairstyle variation on the standard Ballet Bun from the other day.

hairstyle for dance
I thought this "Rainbow Bun" would be a cute hairstyle for a dance competition or recital. I could also see it working for gymnastics or even a Renaissance Fair.

dance bun with ribbon Or, maybe you are looking for a fun hairstyle for St. Patrick's day or just wanted a bright and colorful new hairdo for spring!
This ribbon bun is easy and actually fairly quick to make. Here's the video tutorial:

Of course with St. Patrick's Day being tomorrow, we would love to see your hairstyles. Feel free to share your St. Patty's Day Do's by posting your pictures to our facebook page!If you are in need of ideas, we have a few here: St. Patrick Day hair ideas

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Perfect Ballet Bun

How to make a Ballet Bun

We call this a "Ballerina Bun" or a "Ballet Bun" at our house. I've also heard these buns called Dance Buns, Sock Buns, Donut Buns, Bun Molds, a Chignon, and Figure Skating Buns. I know some people make these with a rolled up sock (hence the name "sock bun") or even with a large scrunchie as a foundation.
doughnut bunWe posted a Cinderella hairstyle awhile back, but I'm thinking this bun could also work for a Cinderella or Tinkerbell hairstyle if you are into the Disney Princess thing!
sock bunI think most everyone has probably made a bun similar to this at some point. But, I thought I would share the technique and tools that seem to work best for us. This updo hair style literally takes 2 minutes to complete and stays in place very nicely. A perfect hairstyle for dance competitions, recitals, ice skating and other performances. I think it looks professional, sleek, sophisticated, and elegant. :)

This technique can be used on short hair, medium length hair, or long hair. If your hair is super long, you probably don't need to use a bun foundation at all though, as your bun would most likely have enough volume on it's own just by twisting the hair around itself.

The bun foundation and hair net used in this video can be found at beauty supply stores, Ebay or on Amazon, here:
Hair Donut
Hair Nets

This quick and easy bun is sort of a pre-requisite to a fun and unique variation we'll be posting later this week for St. Patrick's day/spring. So, be sure to check back!

Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Hairdo - Green Eyelet Braid

Another Fun Hairstyle For St. Patrick's Day:

"Green Eyelet Ribbon French Braid"

We actually posted pictures of this hairstyle last year (without a tutorial) and have had requests for a video ever since.
st patricks day hairstyleWeird, but this hair style reminds me of a dress my mom made me when I was a little girl. It had eyelet lace along the bottom with a ribbon sewn or threaded through the lace. :)
st paddys day hairdoBy the way, this video tutorial was not so easy to make. :) I was trying to film, thread, sew and keep my hands/arms/head from covering everything up at the same time lol. I couldn't really see what I was doing while I was weaving the ribbon through her hair as you can probably tell by my sloppy sewing job! I think you can get the basic idea of how to make the hairstyle from the video though, just ignore the other "details" k? ;)

Of course, this hairdo would be cute any time... not just on St. Paddy's day. You could change up the color of the ribbons for any occasion!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Every Little Detail" Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the gift certificate for cute hair accessories from "Every Little Detail" chosen by

Comment #244 happens to be.....

Congrats, Ami-Beth! Please send an email to princesshairstyles at gmail dot com to claim your prize.

Thank you everyone who entered!

Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Clover Hairstyle

St. Patty's Day is almost here! We have plans to post some new St Patricks Day hairdo ideas.... I hope we have time to make the tutorials. In the meantime, here's a fun St Patricks Hairstyle from the past:

The clover hairstyle
hairstyles for st. patrick's day We used the same basic technique from this heart hairstyle video, but made 3 "hearts" instead of one. You could even make a 4th "leaf" underneath the ponytail if you wanted to make a 4 leaf clover!
Clovers are supposed to bring good luck, ya know?.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Help for Hits?

A Service Project ;)

You may have noticed a pop-up ad as you landed on our site today. And if you did, well.... you just helped us with a project. :)

Our princess heard about a little girl in our community who is very sick with cancer. Of course, this news was upsetting to her and she wanted to help. The princess decided that if she was in the hospital, a bright, colorful, soft, blanket would cheer her up and help to make her feel better.

Over the past few weeks our princess has been busy making this blanket.....
She tied all of these little knots together by herself! She enjoyed doing this so much that she has decided she wants to make more blankets to donate.

I normally don't place pop-up ads on our site because I find them annoying. :) But, we have decided to use this ad as an opportunity to raise some funds for our blanket project.

The details:

Every time someone "hits" this site while the ad is running will earn us a tiny amount of cash. Our goal is to earn enough from this ad to purchase material for 10 more blankets. It's going to take a lot of visitors to reach that goal!

How can you help? Well, if you are here..... THANK YOU you just did! The ad is scheduled to run today, Monday, and next Friday. If you could "donate" a few seconds of your time to visit our page during those days, that would be awesome. If you want to help even more... spread the word! I'll post a link on our facebook page on the days the ad is running as a reminder to visit.

Thanks so much! You've done your "good deed for the day."