Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ribbon Star Hairstyle

Another fun star hairstyle for the Fourth of July (or anytime of course.) This is a 5 minute hairdo, quick and easy! No french braiding skills required. This hairstyle should work well on short hair too. Maybe even a hairdo for a baby or toddler?
Feel free to watch the video for a step by step tutorial.

Here's what it will look like when you're done.......
fourth of july hair idea

And how to start......
rubber band hairstyle
star hairstyle
star made from ribbon

We did this another day and took larger sections of hair for a slightly different look. If you're working with super short hair, you'll want to stick with the version above.
4th of july hairstyle short hairIf you are working with long hair, you could end this in some pigtails or buns if you wanted to. Whatever makes you and your little princess happy. ;) star hairdo 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Patriotic Ribbon Cornrows

Here's a fun and quick hairstyle for the Fourth of July that will work with short hair or long.
Ribbon criss-crossed cornrows!
colorful cornrows I didn't take a ton of step by step pics of the braiding because we've done several tutorials on this hair blog using these crossed cornrows before and I didn't want to bore you with the instructions again!

I made a diagonal square on top of her head, split it in half length-wise and then again width-wise (forming 4 sections.) I then started braiding at the front left corner until I got to the end of the row and crossed the braid over to the bottom right and continued the frenchbraid to the end of that row. I finished up by braiding the front right section and crossed it over to the bottom left.
criss cross corn rows Using our plastic craft needle, I sewed some ribbon onto the cornrows starting at the end of the braid (at the elastic) and up to the top of the braid........
Then back down to the elastic......
Same thing on the other braid......
With the extra ends of ribbon, I just wrapped them around the braid and tucked them underneath and behind the elastic. The Princess thought these ribbon X's looked a bit like little stars in her hair!
4th of july star hair This really was fairly quick! It took about 5 minutes to make the little cornrows and another 2 to add the ribbon.
cute hairstyle for little girls We even had time for curls!
short hair with curls

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th of July Glowing Hairdo!

This hairdo is a "Princess Original!" She came up with this fun fourth of July hairstyle idea all on her own. :)

You may remember the collection of hairstyles for the 4th of July that we posted last year. You can browse through those if you're in the mood, and here's another crazy one to throw in the mix!

Of course this isn't the only hairstyle you could make "glow." After the Princess decided she wants glow sticks in her hair while she watches the fireworks on Independence Day, we had to come up with several more fun hairdo options using them! I'll post a few more if I get time before the 4th.

This one was fairly quick and easy. I made 3 cornrows with a zig zag part.....
cornrows Then added the glow sticks! My advice would be to put them in right before you head out at night. The glowsticks we got lasted about 8 hours. They will probably burn out before you want them to if you add them too soon.
4th of july glowing hairstyle This hairstyle would not only be fun for the 4th of July, but maybe even crazy hair day at school or at a night time party or sleep over!The Princess was pretty excited about this one as you can tell in this video showing how to add the glow sticks......Oh and the best part? She had darling curls after we took out the french braids for church the next day. 2 for 1!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How To Make A Tutu DVD contest (Winner Has Been Posted)

The winner of this contest has been chosen! Go here to see if it's you. :)

Just posted a contest for a DVD showing how to make tutus from "Miss Tutu." Feel free to click over to our giveaway blog and enter if you would like!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar Inspired Boho Hairstyle

We love the Bohemian Braid hairstyles that are so popular right now. The Princess has requested several "Boho Braid" hairdos we've seen around. But I've had a hard time finding many that will work with her new bob haircut.

Then, we saw this bohemian braided hairstyle on Sarah Michelle Gellar and decided we might be able to make it work...
sarah michelle gellar hairstyle sarah michelle gellar bohemian braid

I didn't make our braids as messy or tossled looking though. I've found that when I try to make things "messy cute" it usually just turns out looking MESSY and not so cute lol. If you want your braids to look more like Sarah's, try braiding textured hair when it's dry, and keep it loose.

So you start by making an inside-out french braid on both sides of her head, in the front. And tie each braid off with an elastic.
Then add some loose curls in the back, for texture. I just used our curling iron and some hairspray to create these curls.
Next I took the top section of the curls (not neatly, just use your hands and kind of grab a section like you are making a half pony) and bring the braids underneath, tying them together with an elastic at the back. As you can see, we barely had enough length to join the two braids together...
Now bring the hair from the top loosely together into a half pony over the braids and add an elastic. Don't worry about making it perfect looking.
We obviously don't have enough length in the back to create a traditional messy bun. So, I just pulled random pieces of hair up and pinned them into place with crossed bobby pins....
There is no exactness to this part. Just keep grabbing chunks of hair and pinning them until you are happy with it! Don't even worry about the bobby pins showing either. It adds to the cuteness in my opinion.
So anyway, here is the end result of our improvised messy bun for short hair!
I really should have taken a picture of this hair style at the end of the day. It ended up looking so cute after she had been playing. It just got cuter and cuter as it loosened up and got messed up a bit.
messy bun for short hair
bohemian braid
bohemian hairstyle
sarah michelle gellar hairdo Btw, unrelated to our little girls hairstyle...... do you love this tutu as much as I do? Details on where it came from and how it was made later on this week!
pettiskirt tutu

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Letters To Juliet" Hairstyles

I went and saw the movie "Letters To Juliet" recently and fell in love with some of the hairstyles they did on the main character, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried.) Truth be told, I think I was paying more attention to the hair styles than I was the actual movie. I tend to have that problem sometimes! :)

After seeing all of these cute hairdos, I was wishing that we wouldn't have cut the Princess's hair!
Here's the first hairstyle that I thought was especially cute. A simple twisted half pony.......
letters to juliet hairstyle from the back Here's our attempt to recreate this lovely Amanda Seyfried hairstyle:

And this one: We've actually done similar stuff with a quick twist across the front before. I'm guessing you have too.
amanda seyfried front twist This one was my favorite! I looked all over and couldn't find a picture of the back of this hairstyle though. If you watch the movie, you'll see it towards the end (at the wedding.) And yes, I may have to rent the video when it comes out just so that I can see this hairstyle again.

Here's the front.....
letters to juliet hairdo And a closer view. I love the loose elegant waves. A perfect example of "messy cute."
amanda seyfried hairstyle A side view......
letters to juliet braided wedding hairstyle It was loosely braided like this on both sides. And then in the back, it was brought together with a cute braided bun thingy. It really was gorgeous! I would try and recreate it for you, but.... snip, snip, remember? :( You may have to go see this chick flick yourself just for this hairstyle!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Twist And Weave

Here's a fun, quick and cute woven hairstyle that will work for those of you sporting a short graduated bob like the princess, or even if you have beautiful, long, flowing locks. :)
weave Start with 4 squares...
Split one of the ponytails in the front into 3 strands and twist each of them separately.
Add to the ponytail on the opposite side, in the back.
Split the other pony in the front into 3 and weave each twisted strand through separately.
Bring each of the 3 strands through going under and over the twists to the other side forming a woven pattern. (You can watch our video at the end of this tutorial if you need it.)
Add some fun hair accessories just for kicks! Her hair is still wet here. It looked so much cuter when it dried and "fluffed" up a little. :)quick hairstyle for girls
woven hairstyle
hairdo for girls Here's the step by step hairstyle video tutorial if you prefer to see it in motion:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Heads Up.... And Some Bad News :(

First of all, I still haven't heard from the winner of our Strawllers Contest. If you entered that one, please go check here to see if it is you!

In other business, I'm so sad. My old computer "died" and I had a whole bunch of hairstyles and videos saved that may not be recoverable. (Not to mention some random pictures of my kids.) I've got a computer guy looking at it, but he's saying it doesn't look good. The worst part is, these were LONG hairstyles. Since we've cut the princess's hair, I can't recreate them even if I wanted to.

Luckily I do have several (as in quite a few) hairdo's saved on my sd cards that hadn't been transferred over to the computer yet. But geesh, it's depressing to lose all the others. I feel worse about losing the pictures than I do about the computer. I guess it's a good lesson for everyone else. Don't have your stuff saved in just one location!

That's my depressing rant for the day! Thanks for listening. ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Woven Hair Headband

A fun woven headband hairstyle for a little girl or teen!
hairstyles for little girls Start by making a part from ear to ear and 8 small ponytails. 4 in the front, 4 directly behind.
Take the ponytail in the front/left and make 2 twists. Then split the 3rd ponytail from the left (in the front) in half and make 2 more twists with one of the halves. Combine those 4 twists together with the ponytail 2nd from the left in the back. (With another elastic.) Whew! That sounds confusing even though it shouldn't be. :)
Now take the second ponytail from the left, in the front and split it in half. Make 2 twists with one of the halves and weave them both through your first set of twists over to the ponytail in the back/left. Notice that the first woven twist goes under first then over. The second twist goes over first and then under. Just make sure they are woven through opposite ways.
Make 2 twists with the hair in the ponytail in the front/right. Also take the leftover half from the 2nd ponytail in the front and weave it through the twists in the middle. Combine those 4 twists with the ponytail 2nd from the right in the back.
After that you should just have one half of a ponytail left in the front. Twist it up into 2 pieces and weave it over to the back/right ponytail.
This hairdo really isn't as hard as my instructions have made it sound! Plus it held up for 2 days. Love that! If you wanted to braid the pieces instead of twisting them, you could do that too. I think it would look really pretty. I just like the twists because they are quicker for me.
twisted headband hair headband
woven headband hairstyle I've got another one using this same concept ready to go, only it's much quicker/simpler. I'm hoping to have time to post it next week for you.
Hope you're all having a nice summer!