Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hairstyles
I've compiled a bunch of our hairdos that may work for Halloween right here in one post. Now to figure out what you're going to be and find a costume! Can't believe Halloween is almost here!
First off (of course) are the Princess Hairstyles! What else? Are you thinking of being A Princess for Halloween?? Maybe one of these hairstyles will work. For step by step - how to hairstyle instructions, click on the title above the picture of the style you want to try!
Princess Updo Halloween Hairstyle
princess hairstyle for HalloweenFancy Princess hairstyle

Princess Updo
Fair Maiden Hairstyle
Fairytale Princess Hairstyle fairytale hairstyle
Princess Belle Hairstyle (From Disney's Beauty And The Beast.)
Belle Hairstyle (shorter hair variation)
Cinderella Hairstyle
Braided Princess Hairstyle
Needing a wand to go with your Princess or Fairy costume? My friend Trisha has made excellent DIY instuctions here:

How to Make a fairy wand
Maybe instead of being "princessy" you would rather look a little more scary. Here are some fun spider web hairstyles to try, and the spider. I think these would be cute hairdos for a witch!spider web hairstylespider web hairdo spider web hair

Or what about doing a Mummy Hairstyle.......

hair for a mummy
Maybe you are planning on dressing up as a Barbie Doll? Here's a cute Barbie Hairstyle for Halloween!
Barbie Doll Hairstyle
And, one last Halloween hairdo... A Candy Corn inspired style.
Completely non hair blog related. BUT have you ever felt "obligated" to dress up as something for a Halloween function but not have the time or desire to dress up? (Yeah, I'm not really one of those "fun moms.") Here's a solution..... A quick and easy Halloween costume! No sewing or painting required, hehe. Can you guess what it is??Quick and easy costume It's a "cereal killer!" (Serial Killer) All you need for this "costume" is: 5 minutes, a box of cereal, a knife, and some tape. If you wanted to get more creative you could use some fake blood! There you have it; the quickest, easiest, costume I could think of.

Hope you had fun looking through our Halloween Hairstyles collection. Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fancy Woven Ponytail - Quick!

I think one of our all time favorite styles is this basket weave hairstyle. We love it, but let's get real. Something like that is probably not going to happen on a school morning! Here's a compromise, a quick little weaving trick to make a boring old ponytail or pigtail go from ordinary to extraordinary!

First make your basic ponytail, then get your plastic needle out for some quick weaving. (Really, this only takes a couple extra minutes.)

Man, I really wish I could figure out how to turn off the flash on our camera! Besides the unwanted flash, this is showing how to easily thread your hair onto the plastic needle. Start by putting both ends of a small piece of dental floss through the needle like this.....

Then take a small piece of hair from the underside of the ponytail and put it through the loop of the dental floss.
Pull on the ends of the floss and thread the hair right through the eye of the needle!

Now start "sewing" the hair around the ponytail...
I was able to go around the ponytail twice with one strand. If your daughter's hair is shorter, you may have to use 2 strands of hair and only go around once with each strand. Just make sure you go through the hair the opposite way on the second time around (over or under first) to create the woven look. You could go around as many times as you wanted, but I wanted this subtle, so we stuck with twice. Also, make sure you end with the strand underneath the pony.After you are done sewing, take another small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic of the ponytail. Secure with one more clear elastic at the bottom of the wrapping to hold everything in place. I pushed the hair up out of the way so you could see the elastic in this picture. pigtailsWe did this with pigtails one day.....woven hairstyle
creative pigtails

special occasion ponytail And a ponytail the next.
fancy ponytail
A quick and different hairstyle for school mornings!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Twist To The Side Hairstyle

I've got a few new cute hairstyles ready to go that I'm excited to get posted. But, I just haven't had time this week. :(

Here's one from the past to look over until I get a chance to post something new. This one was originally posted a little over a year ago, in July of 08! An oldie!!

Start off with a diagonal part. Like this..............
Add two ponies in the front, on both sides of the part. Cross them.........

And, cross them again, making a twist. Make two more ponies, below the first ones, and add the hair from the previous ponies. Continue this all the way to the bottom of the part. (I added a temporary claw clip holding one side while I secured the other side with an elastic each time. Otherwise, it kept moving away from where I wanted it.)

At the bottom, you'll be left with two ponies next to each other. I did a twisting braid in each one, then twisted them together. (BTW, please excuse the mess in the background. My two boys were having a "lego party" while were were "playing princess.")
Wrap the twisted braid into a bun, leaving the ends on the top and secure with bobby pins.

creative hairstyle Spike out the ends with a flattening iron, and spray.

hair style for girls Another side view...............
cute hairstyle for little girls
The top.............elastic hairstyle And, the top/back....................twisty hairstyle

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elastic Hairstyle - Another Way To Finish

This is a variation of the connectors/climbers/spider web/net/elastic braids hairstyle that I think EVERYONE does but has a different name for. :) You know the one!
Start making your connectors the usual way. We did 4 ponies in front..... And 5 underneath (splitting each of the first 4 ponies in two and connecting them to the ones behind.)
Now, here's the new fun finish: Take the 3 sections in the middle and start braiding them together.
Then, a little ways down, add the other 2 outside sections in with the braid.
Continue braiding down as far as you want to go.cute hairstyle for little girlsAdd a cute bow and some curls!I recently had someone ask about how we get our curls to stay in longer than a few minutes. I've found that spraying a little hairspray before and after we curl seems to help. Also make sure the hair is completely dry before you start. The biggest difference I've found though, is to use a flat iron to curl instead of a curling iron. Not sure why, but our flat iron curls seem to stay in a lot longer. Here's a link if you need a video showing how to curl with a flat iron.little elastics hairstyle
elastic hairstylehairstyles for girlsBtw.....The flower used in this hairstyle came from Pomegranate and Pink. The cute dress came from All Things Ribbon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

When You Forget To Set Your Alarm......

You have to work with what you have!

This whole alarm catastrophe happened the day after our picture day hairdo. Basically, we had the little french braid in the front and a tangled mess in the back to work with.

Now normally, I wouldn't even post something like this. BUT, I'm sure I'm not the first person who has not wanted to send their daughter to school looking like she just rolled out of bed (even though she just did, lol.) So, here's my cheating quick fix tips: It's amazing what can be done in 3 minutes with just a water bottle, some hairspray, a comb, and a bow. A cute bow can make all the difference in a situation like this! Here's the deal; you can get away with not combing everything out! I just sprayed her hair down a little with some water, then smoothed out only the top layer of hair as I pulled it into a ponytail. Of course the front was all fuzzy and sticking up, so I sprayed it with hairspray and water as I combed it down. For the bun, I just wrapped everything up haphazardly with an elastic. Good thing messy buns are in style, huh! This cute corker bow from Shimmy Shimmy Bowtique was strategically placed in a particularly bad spot and hid a lot of the mess!

Obviously we didn't have time for pictures, but I snuck in a couple anyway. :)

french braid in front
messy bun The moral of the story? Don't forget to set your alarm!! But, just in case you forget......It really doesn't take that much time to throw a hairstyle together with what you already have to work with. :)