Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hairstyle Collection

It doesn't look like we're going to have time to make any more "new" Halloween Hairstyles this year. But, we do have several from years past that you may have missed. To see all of our Halloween Hairstyle ideas together, go here:

Halloween Hairstyles

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belle Hairstyle - For Short Hair

Do we have anyone dressing up as Belle for Halloween this year? I hope so. She's one of mine and my daughter's favorite Disney Princesses!
Beauty and the Beast Belle Hairstyle We posted a Belle Hairstyle for long hair a couple of years ago with our Halloween Hairstyles. Well, our Princess asked for this Beauty and the Beast Hairstyle just recently, and her hair isn't quite long enough for our original version. So, we modified it a little. Here's a video tutorial showing how to create a Belle Hairdo for shorter hair....

Bell Hairstyle
Disney Princess Hairstyle I love how this Belle hair style turned out! I think I like it even better with her shorter hair cut. Although gosh, I can't believe how much her hair has grown since she had it cut. It's really not that short anymore! Btw, if you are looking for a wand to go with your princess or fairy halloween costume, my friend Trisha has DIY instructions on how to make a fairy wand and how to make a tulle wand on her site. So adorable!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Candy Corn Hairstyle

We've been having lots of fun creating Halloween hairstyles this year. And making a candy corn was actually the Princess's idea! She had big plans to use hair paint and the whole bit!! Well, I opted to keep it simple for school and stay away from the paint. :) It probably would have looked more like a candy corn if we would have done it her way though. halloween hairstylesThis was super easy and quick. I'm guessing no instructions are even needed, but what the heck....
We parted it on the side and added a row of orange elastics. Then split the 2 middle ponytails in half and added a row of white.
Split the middle white ponytail in half and added a row of yellow.
And lastly, one more orange elastic.
When the candy corn was completed, I added a few flat iron curls.
candy corn hairstyle
fun halloween hair If you want it to look more like an actual candy corn, you could use some paint as the princess suggested. Or maybe add some ribbons. I think it's pretty cute the way it is though. Nice and subtle.
candy corn hair
cute halloween hair

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fancy Princess Braids

I know some of your girls are planning on being a princess, a fairy, Rapunzel, a nice witch or wizard, a barbie, royalty, or maybe a medieval/renaissance type princess for Halloween. I'm thinking this Halloween hairstyle might work with a lot of costumes, actually!
princess hairstyle This princess hair style is relatively easy to make (as long as you know how to french braid) but it does require fairly long hair. These pics were actually taken before our princess got her hair cut.
Start by parting her hair down the middle (into pigtails) and begin french braiding one side. As you're braiding- every so often, split one of the strands in half and put that section of hair to the side as you continue on. Braid down as far as you can go. (Btw, please excuse the mess in the background. Although I did try to block out the worst of it for you lol. What can I say? We are normal people. We have kids.... and toys.... and messes. :) After you tie off the main french braid, braid each of the sections of hair that you left out as well. Now you can french braid the right side as you add in the tiny braids from the left side all the way down as you go. Make sure not to pull the little braids super tight as you add them in so that they form a pretty little swag across her head.
In retrospect, I should have started each tiny braid up a little higher, as the last one doesn't really show.
There are lots of different ways you could finish this off. I ended up folding the ends of the braids up in half into a fluffy little bun thingy and added a hair accessory at the bottom.
elegant braided hairstyle I love how sweet and elegant this looks. barbie braided hairstyle
disney princess hairstyleThis hairstyle almost has an old fashioned/vintage look to it.
halloween hairstyles Of course, this one would be lovely anytime, not just for Halloween. This would be a cute hairdo for church, for a flower girl, or other special occasions! I remember doing this hair style one other time and added some flowers and ribbons in with the braids. It turned out darling, but I can't find the pictures. Anyway, you could get creative with it if you wanted to. :) To go along with your Princess costume, my friend Trisha has made instructions showing how to make a fairy wand!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Hairstyles - The Spider Web

We posted this spiderweb hairstyle with several other spiderweb hairdos a couple of years ago, but didn't add instructions to that post. Lately we've had a ton of requests for a step by step tutorial. So, here it is!
Start by making 4 small ponytails at the back/middle of her head. (Make sure to leave the edges of her hair out all the way around.) Now split the section of hair that you left out in the front in half. Make three twists on the right half of the front section and add them all into the ponytail on the top left.

Next, make 3 twists on the left half of the front section and weave those twists through the 3 that are already there, over to the ponytail on the top right. (This picture is showing one twist woven through.)
And here are all six woven twists. The first section is complete!
Now you're basically going to repeat that same process on each side of her head.

Split the left side section in half.....
Make some twists in the top half. (I did 2 on each side instead of 3 to save some time.) Add those twists to the bottom left ponytail.
Make the twists in the bottom half and weave them up to the top left ponytail.
Repeat on the right side of her head.
This is what it should look like at this point.....

You could make some more "webbing" with the section underneath the ponytail, but it's not really going to be seen and this hairstyle takes long enough as it is in my opinion! So, I just added that section with everything else and gathered it into a ponytail.At this point, you could either make a messy bun with the ponytail. Or, leave the ponytail down and add some kind of a scrunchy or Halloween bow/decor.

Here it is with a messy bun....
And with a cute spider bow. (I got this homemade bow 2 years ago from another hair blogger who unfortunately took down her blog, or I would link you over.)
This unique/weird :) cobweb hairstyle always brings in tons of comments! It does take a good 20-25 minutes to complete though, so give yourself some time if you plan on attempting it. Oh, and btw... do you like our new Halloween watermark? We're getting excited for Halloween around here! We plan on decorating our house today when the kids get home from school. Fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Hairstyles - The Spider

When I saw this fun Halloween Spider Hairstyle submitted on our facebook page by Jill, I knew I couldn't keep it to myself. This needs to be shared!! How cute would this be for Halloween?

halloween hairstyle
I love how she added the french braid up the back. If you don't know how to french braid though, just start with a basic ponytail. Then add a ribbon or scarf and braid it in with the hair in the ponytail. Wrap the braid up into a bun, then add the spider legs and spider face!! I love this, Jill and can't wait to try it myself. Thanks so much for sharing this Halloween hairstyle idea with us!

Friday, October 8, 2010

French Fish Braid Video

We made a video awhile ago showing this french fish braid when we still had our old 60 second video camera. And well, it didn't turn out so great. :) So, I decided it needed to be redone. This 'new' french fishtail/herringbone video was made right before The Princess got her hair cut and I'm just now getting around to posting it.....
On a side note: This isn't normally how I position my hands while making this braid. The way I normally do it had my hands completely covering the braid in the video and wasn't helpful at all! I wanted you to be able to actually see how the braid was being made, ya know? So, after you get the basic concept down, you can probably figure out a better way to hold the hair while you're braiding. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute Hairstyle For Sports

Our Princess has been playing soccer for the last few months and usually has her games right after school. So, we try to send her to school with a hairstyle that will work for sports.

When we only have time for a ponytail, by the end of the game most of her hair is coming out all over the place and in her way! So.... this is what we came up with to solve that problem. It stayed mostly in place the entire game and looks cute besides. :)
part design Make your parts and add a twist braid to each section. Of course, you could make regular braids instead if you prefer.
Then pull everything back into a ponytail. Easy peasy!
sporty hairdo
cute hairstyle for sports
soccer hair style
hairstyle for football For school we added this cute flower for some flair, then took it out before the game.
hairdo for sports Here she is after her soccer game so that you can see how it held up. Not too bad!
little girls soccer This hairdo doesn't only have to be for soccer. I think it would work for most sports.... Volleyball, softball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, figure skating. Whatever! What sports do your kiddos play??

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Princess..... And The Pea!

This post is introducing another sweet little girl who has joined our household! But no, she isn't "ours." This is our new niece/cousin who we have the pleasure of babysitting almost every day. "The Pea" is 3 months old and I know what you're thinking.... Look at all that hair!!!!

baby hair She's such a cutie and we love her so much! We probably won't be posting any hairstyles with her anytime soon though, because there's only so much that can be done with baby hair beyond adding an elastic braid here and there. And, I don't want to hurt her little newborn head! But, maybe in the future as she gets a little bit older, she'll make an appearance. Something to look forward to. :)