Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Girl Hairstyle

Since it's finally getting... warmish out. We wanted a fun flowery spring hairdo! I think this would be a cute hairstyle for a spring wedding/flower girl, or just for fun.

I realize this veil/elastic connector/spiderweb hairdo is nothing new. But I just loved how it turned out with the flowers!!
flower girl hair style I've found the easiest way for me to make the elastics even and symmetrical with this type of style is to make the ponytails in a certain order. I begin with the ponytail in the middle/front. Split it in two and then work my way down both sides of her head before working on the middle. *Important: Notice that the second set of ponytails down (on both sides) are split in half and only one half is added in with the third set of ponies.
Now you can take the leftover halves from the second ponies and add them together in the middle. Btw, I have these elastics just sitting on top of her hair (I'm not adding in any of the hair underneath.)
For the last set, split the previous row of 3 ponytails in half and add two more elastics like so.......

Now for the fun part... adding the flowers! We used bobby pin flowers. These were quick and easy to add. I just stuck the bobby pins right through the back of the elastics where I wanted them to be. If you wanted to, you could use real flowers or fake flowers that aren't attached to bobby pins. I've added flowers to hairstyles before by simply wrapping an elastic around the stems.I thought of adding a few more rows of elastics, even going all the way down her hair. But we don't have that many flowers. I'm thinking of buying some more.!!
Oh and of course we had to add some ringlets in the ponytails with our curling iron.
hairstyle using flowers
flowers in hair
flower girl hairdo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ribbon Braided Ponytail

Here's a fun and quick way to spice up a boring ponytail using our new ribbon braid technique.
hairstyle for little girls Start with 2 ponytails on top of her head like this.......
Add another ponytail at the back with the remaining hair.
Split one of the ponytails (on top of her head) in half and run a ribbon through the elastic until the ends are even.
Using one piece of the ribbon, braid it through her hair in one half of the ponytail about 1 - 1 1/2 inches down using this ribbon technique. Then use this technique to form the final ribbon braid.
Braid the second half and add both braids into the ponytail.
Repeat this same process with the other ponytail, add a cute bow or flower and you're done!
quick ribbon hairstyle
fancy ponytail
ribbon braiding
ribbon hairstyle This is one of those hairstyles that was much cuter in person than in pictures. Usually my awesome "photography skills" and bad lighting don't help either. :) We all have our talents, right?
ponytail hairstyleThis would be a great hairstyle for school. It only took about 10 minutes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Giveaway - Photo Contest!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ribbon Braid - Part 2

You'll have to excuse the rest of her hair and just focus on the braid here. (We took out a hairstyle right before we took this picture.) :) I'll add some cute hairstyles we've done using this braid soon. This is just to show you how to make the braid.
I ended up having to cut this video down to almost nothing to get it to load. I think my computer may be on it's way out. :(

Anyway, here's another look you can create with this ribbon technique. If you want to try this, I would suggest tying the ribbon to the top of the elastic instead of adding the extra end to one side of the braid like we did in the first video. Otherwise, you'll see the ribbon streaming down one side of the braid.

P.S. We're going to be trying a different type of giveaway on Monday with two great prizes. It's going to be fun! To see what one of the prizes will be, go here. I'm still working on the other one and hope to have it up later today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ribbon Braiding, Another Technique And Video

I love adding ribbon to a hairstyle. It's a quick and easy way to add some color and make the hairdo stand out.

This is just another fun and different way to add ribbon to your hair. And am I nuts, or does this almost look like a little like a fish braid? Maybe that's what we'll call it, a ribbon fish braid!
tween hairstyleThere are tons of things you could do with this. For a quick tween or teen hairstyle you could just leave the hair down and add the ribbon fish braid in as an accent! ribbon braidThis one was actually taken after she had been at school all day, so it's a little messy (but you get the idea, right?) The ribbon braid made this boring old side braid fun and different.

I have another hairstyle using this technique ready to go. I'll try and get it posted soon. Also there's a part 2 to this video with another fun idea. For some reason it's having a hard time uploading, but I'll keep working on it. :) Enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baptism Pictures

We had a few requests wanting to see which baptism hairstyle ended up being chosen for the special baptism day on Saturday.

Here you are!

She ended up doing some french braids on the top half of her hair and pulling the rest into pigtails. These pictures were taken before the baptism.

I love how excited and happy she looks in these pictures (along with her adorable little sister.) Aren't they both so cute?

This one was taken after the baptism. The braids held up to going under the water perfectly!

My friend wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their ideas and suggestions. She says it made for an easy, stress free moment. I also enjoyed watching all the ideas pop up on facebook, in email and in the comments. I'm amazed at all the hairstyles you guys came up! Thank you again!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Toy Box Winner!

The winner of the princess toy box has been drawn and announced here.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baptism Hairstyle Challenge

A good friend of mine has a daughter who will be getting baptised on April 10th. In our religion when someone is baptised, they go completely under the water (drenched from head to toe.) Usually this is followed by some kind of a family gathering and pictures.

My friend will only have a few minutes to do her daughter's hair while everyone is waiting and of course she wants her daughter to look and feel beautiful and special on this special day and for her baptism pictures.

My friend challenged me to come up with a quick and cute hairstyle for the baptism and I'm coming up with a whole lotta nothing spectacular!!

I did find these pictures I took one day after my daughter had gone swimming last summer. I just did this as an experiment to see how well french braid pigtails would hold up in the pool. This may work! Before she got in the pool the ends of the braids where down. Then when she got out I brought the ends up to the base with an elastic and just "fluffed" them a little.

As you can see, the braids don't look perfect after being in the water, but they held up pretty well! Maybe the best thing would be to braid her hair before she gets baptised and hope for the best??
baptism hairstyle
french braids for a little girl french braid pigtails picture
Anyway, since I pretty much sucked at this challenge, I'm passing it on to all of YOU! :) If anyone wants to take it on, here's the "rules."

1. So that you have an idea of texture and length: Her hair looks like this (no bangs in the front.) The style needs to be doable on her hair....... 2. It needs to either be something that can be done before the baptism and hold up to going under water or...3. It's got to be quick (5 minutes or less.)4. Remember, we're working with dripping wet hair here and no time for curling irons or blow dryers.5. Post your ideas to our facebook page (she can see them there) or send them to me in email before April 9th and I'll add them to this post (princesshairstyles at gmail dot com.) I'm sure she'll appreciate any ideas you can give her! We've had some great ideas submitted already.
Btw, I absolutely love this first picture. How adorable!!

For instructions to this one, go here. I'm thinking this style would hold up great under water.

These next 6 pictures were sent in by a new hair blogger: Dreamweaver Hair Design she has some amazing braiding skills! Any one of these would be darling.

This next one is cute and we've even got step by step pictures! The person who sent in this idea says you could either leave the hair down (with the braids tied together in the back) for the baptism and then add the bun after. Or do the whole hairstyle before the baptism. My guess would be that it would work either way and hold up just fine.

There have been several great ideas submitted to our facebook page as well, so be sure to check those out. THANK YOU for taking the time to submit your pictures!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bonding Braid

Ever felt "not so close" to your daughter? We have the solution! Bonding Braids

Trust me, after braiding your hair together for the day, you'll never feel.......closer.

We've never had so much fun unloading the dishwasher.
Making the bed didn't even seem like a chore!
Even cleaning the toilet was fun! REALLY the highlight of our day.
I didn't feel instructions were needed for this awesome hairstyle, it's pretty easy. Just stick your heads together and braid! It helps if you have similar hair color, but it's not mandatory.

Oh and I probably don't even need to say it at this point but...... APRIL FOOLS!

Have a fun day!!