Monday, August 31, 2009

Hairstyle For School-A Cute Bun

We do a bun of some sort on school mornings A LOT! I love buns because they're quick. Plus, the hair can be tangled, wavy, fuzzy, frizzy, whatever. Just wrap it up and nobody knows!!
cute hairstyle for school We had a few extra minutes, so I threw in a couple of french braids with this bun. You could do lots of variations to spice up a plain old bun a little and it really doesn't take that much extra time. We'll probably be adding some more quick bun variations later on, as we do them all the time.

bun with a flower If you're in a huge hurry in the morning, a cute hair accessory can make all the difference. Even a plain ponytail can be made adorable with a cute bow or flower.
side bun
quick hairstyle
cute hairstyle Do you love this flower? It came from Flowerz In Her Hair and it's one of our favorites. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a chance to win some flowers of your very own!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Day Hairstyle - And A Time Saving Tip

As requested..... one of our quick hairstyles for school mornings! This one took me 8 minutes, so not too bad.

quick hairstyle for school Notice her hair is still wet. Yep, I sent her to school that way. Am I a bad mom??

hairstyles for girls
quick hairstyle Just part out 3 little sections and make some french twist braids. Bring them all together with an elastic and add a bow, that's it!

back to school hairstyleK, here's my time saving tip of the day. :) (Besides not drying her hair.) Normally when you start a french braid you would start right at the top of the part. To save a few minutes, start the braid back a few inches in each section like this........
quick hairstyle for girls As you can see, there are really only a couple of twists in each braid, it really goes fast this way and looks cute besides!This one actually looks quite a bit cuter after it has had time to dry and get a little messy at school. A cute messy type do!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoo Shoos Winner (And Other Blogging Biz)

Go check out our hair and share if you entered the shoe contest. Our winner has been announced!

Onto other business... after reading ALL of your sweet and thoughtful comments (I didn't know so many people cared so much about our little ole blog!) *sniff* I think I've decided to stick around. (I mean really, how could I quit NOW??)

I'll mostly be re posting our old stuff and occasionally post something new. If I get a wild hair, I may even throw in a giveaway or two. I'm actually kind of excited about going back through the blog. I just checked our archives and we have 258 posts in there just waiting to be rediscovered!
And btw, funny thing...... I actually just came across a handful of hairstyles sitting in drafts that never got posted from a long time ago!! (I never claimed to be the most organized person in the world.) So, I'll be posting those here and there as well.
*Just a little preview/teaser of what I found. I mean WOW look at this!! YIKES I can't believe I forgot about this one... Or maybe I didn't post it on purpose. Anyway, it's interesting alright. Trust me folks, you'll probably want to be around if I ever post this one, LOL!!

Seriously though, it's all good. I'm feeling better about everything now. The blog can continue and I can sleep in! It's like doing my hair and eating it too. (Um, well not really. But you know what I mean.) Thank you SO MUCH for all of the support you've given us. I hope you'll continue to enjoy our blog and most importantly spending time with your girls. PS-Due to a large number of requests, I'll try and get some of our quick school day hairstyles posted once in awhile as well. They may not be exciting, but practical and useful, right?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Back To School Hairstyle......And May Be Done Hair Blogging

K, so now that school has started for us again (booo) I've been trying to decide if we're going to keep up this blog or not. :( I've actually been thinking about this for awhile now. The princess just started first grade (holy cow) and now goes to school all day (early in the morning.) Unfortunately I'm NOT much of a morning person. I don't really see myself getting out of bed 1 minute earlier than I have to, kwim?

We'll probably be doing quick and simple 5 minute hairstyles almost every school day. (Boring)

Something like this.......

hairstyles for girls

quick hairstyle for school
back to school hairstyleNothing special, but if you hate mornings like I do, feel free to give it a try! You'll be out the door in 5 minutes. If you've forgotten how to do a twist braid or are new to hair blogs, click on this link for our twist braid video. I'm guessing the rest should be a snap. One last silly picture!!Before I forget, I also want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you for reading our blog!! Your sweet comments and emails have been our very favorite part of blogging. You've brightened our day on MANY occasions with your kind words. I'm torn because we've loved doing this blog and the thought of quitting completely makes me sad. :( I've thought about re posting some of our favorite older styles that have probably been forgotten, and maybe doing a new style on the weekends once in awhile. What do you guys think? Would that be boring to see our old stuff again? Until we decide what we're doing for sure (don't give up on us quite yet).......we still have the ShooShoos baby shoes contest running until tomorrow (don't forget to enter.) Also, we have several giveaways scheduled in the next few weeks and will be happy to continue hosting giveaways for anyone who asks us while we're in limbo.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Live Giveaway, Right Here, Right Now!!

*This contest is over..... Jennie is the winner! Congrats!!

Up for grabs is this adorable little girl's dress from Shabby Apple. The winner can choose the size they want from newborn, up to a girls size 10/12. How to play:

Comment on this post. Say whatever you want. Stipulations.... must be a sentence of some kind and has to make sense. No copying and pasting the same comment over and over and no typing jibberish. Commenter 602 will win the dress! You can comment as many times as you want. Leave all 602 comments, or swoop in at the end and only leave one. It's totally up to you!!
To the winner, (the person who leaves the 602nd comment) please email me your address and size of dress immediately after the contest is over. hair4myprincess at yahoo dot com

Good luck everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Woven Ribbon Headband

Anyone remember this fake french braid made with ribbon? Click on that link for instructions. It's the same concept, just made over the top of her head (headband style) instead of down the middle.

PS-I've found that thicker ribbon (like 1/2 inch-1 inch wide) works better than thin ribbon with this hairstyle.

headband hairstyle

Yes, her hair is still wet. :) No time for drying or curling today.

Oh, and in case you're wondering how to end the ribbon..... I just took both pieces, wrapped them underneath the ponytail and tied them off with a clear elastic. Nothing fancy, and it held just fine. If you wanted to, you could tie it into a bow for a cute finish.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Win A Cute New Dress From Shabby Apple!

You can never have too many dresses for your princess! (At least that's my theory.) Head on over to our Contest Blog for a chance to win a new dress for your little girl!!

*Please put your entry comments in the contest post here!! I'm disabling comments on this post as they don't count here. I use, so I need all the entries in one place. Thanks!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Princess Hairstyle-A Down Hairdo

The Princess was wanting her hair down today "like a Princess." How fitting, right?
No rhyme or reason to this hairstyle really. You could do the parts a jillion different ways. We have another variation of this same type of style that turned out really cute. I'll get it posted as well at some point.

This time I parted out a piece in front and made two twists directly behind. (Add a temporary clip to keep the twists from unraveling for a minute.)
girls long hairstyleI then took a small section behind the twists to use as an anchor and secured it with an elastic on the other side. At this point, you can start parting and twisting pieces on the other side of the part and tie them in to the anchor pony with elastics all the way down.
The princess loves these little claw clips and wanted to use them, so we stuck one on each elastic for some added bling.
Now, you can take out your clip holding the twists on the other side, bring the twists around her head, and add them in with the claw clips
With the hair left out in front, I just slicked it down and tied it in with a little piece of hair and an elastic underneath (behind her ear) to help keep it out of her face.

hairstyles for girls I recently "trimmed" her hair myself (again.) You would think I would learn my lesson and take her to the salon. (I'm not the best hair cutter.) Long story short, I ended up cutting off 4-5 inches! It's too bad because we're planning on donating her hair to locks of love when she finally decides she's ready for a shorter hairstyle. It's okay, I don't think she'll want to cut it for awhile. She loves her long hair will grow back.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

French Braids And A Braided Headband (The Sunscreen Post Hairstyle)

braided headbandfrench braid pigtailsAs requested by several of you. The hairstyle from our sunscreen post! Start with a regular old part down the middle, putting one side in a temporary pigtail.Coming off of the center part a little ways back, part out a rectangular section of hair. Take the top inch or two of that section and clip it or flip it over to the other side to keep it out of the way for now.Take the hair you have left, brush it up towards the top of her head and braid it. (This may seem a little awkward since normally you would be braiding downwards.) It needs to go upwards to lay flat against her head though. Repeat these steps on the other side of her head. You should now have 2 braids, one on each side. Split the 2 sections you left out earlier in half and lay the braids through the sections, over the top of her head. Comb everything smooth and spray with a little water. To start the french braids: Make your first 3 sections by grabbing the hair on either side of the braids, then split each side in 2 (4 sections) now combine the middle pieces to make 3 pieces. It will lay much smoother if you start it this way.French braid like you normally would. The braid hanging down on each side will just become part of the french braid. You won't even notice it. Just make sure to take the elastic on the end of the braid out if you don't want it poking through. The french braid will hold the braid in place and keep it from unraveling, so you don't need the elastic.cute hairstyles
braided headband
hairstyles for girlsNormally I make the headband up closer to the front of her head. It's more noticeable that way.

Btw, if you don't know how to french braid, you could use this same concept with regular pigtail braids ("indian braids.") The hair you're working with would need to be fairly long to go all the way over the top and down the sides of her head though.

And, since many of you have requested a video tutorial for this style... here you are, enjoy!