Thursday, July 30, 2009

Positive Day

So, there's a challenge (from a little girl) floating around the blogosphere today: July 31st is to be positive day! I absolutely love this idea!! There is just so much negativity in the world right now, it's hard to escape it. I for one am going to take this beyond our blog and try to make my whole day a positive day! Wish me luck!!

And now, some of the positive things in my life:

1. 3 adorable kids

2. 2 adorable kids who will be going back to school soon :)

2. 1 adorable husband

3. Beautiful weather (I love summer)

4. Grandmas and Grandpas who live nearby

5. Religion in my life

6. Chocolate (lots of chocolate) in my cupboards

7. A potty trained toddler!! (I should have put this as #1)

8. Disneyland (soon)

9. All caught up with laundry for a few minutes

10. Wonderful extended family and friends

Now, if you're wanting to read more positive stuff, go check out all the links on this post. And JOIN IN if you have a blog. I feel better already realizing I have so much to be thankful for in my life. (If you don't have a blog or don't feel like posting, feel free to leave the positive things in your life in the comments here. I would love to read them.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful positive day! And thank you so much to the sweet little girl who came up with this idea. Also, thanks to Jenn for posting about this. You've made my day. :)

Diagonal Cornrows

This is one I've had on the card in our camera for a LONG time. I've decided we have too many hairstyles and not enough time to post them. :)

I did the part from ear to ear first. Put the bottom half in a temporary ponytail to keep it out of the way. Then, start sectioning off the diagonal cornrows and braid. Not much to it. Easy and quick.
The Princess was really wanting Bantu Knots again (she loves them) but I wasn't up to doing that this day. So, this was our compromise: Mini bantu knots!

At the end of each braid, twist.........
Then wrap the twist around itself a couple times and wrap a clear elastic around the base of the knot, leaving the ends hanging down.
I have no idea where the finished picture is with all of the bantu knots done. Most likely I deleted it. :( I remember it being cute though.... And, don't worry, I didn't forget about the hairstyle from the sunscreen post that some of you requested. I'll get to it at some point. :) Btw, only one more day to enter the flat iron contest! Don't miss out!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

How To Put Sunscreen In Your Hair

(Or rather on your head/parts!)

I've had quite a few people email me asking if I had a trick for applying sunscreen to parts. The Princess has very fair/white skin that gets sunburned very easily. So, sunscreen is a MUST around here. Well, we've tried lots of things. But, this is what seems to work the best for us with the least greasy looking result. I just squirt some sunscreen in my hand, dab a little on a Q-tip and go to town. Nothing too exciting, but hey it works!!
We've had a few requests, so here is a video tutorial for making this fun hairstyle:

Hope you're all having a fun summer!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

French Fishbraid Options

Ever since we did this french fishtail/herringbone/fishbone braid (whatever you call it) the Princess has asked for it again and AGAIN!

So, here are a couple of variations we've done this past week. I didn't do any step by step pics, they're pretty self explanatory. Enjoy braiding those fishies!

First up: A fish swept across the back.....

And since we've had some requests, we've added a video tutorial for this hairdo, enjoy:

fishtail braid

hairstyles for girls And next: A spiced-up side pony with a fish.....

cute hairstyle for little girls
herringbone braidNeed a fish braid video? Go here for the regular fish braid and here for the french fish braid. In case you're wondering, both cute hair accessories in this post came from Pomegranate and Pink. We're in love with flowers right now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Professional Flat Iron To Give Away, YAY!!

I feel bad we had so many entries on our last flat iron contest and only one winner. If you want another chance to win an awesome flat iron......go here to enter again!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Fish Braid Video

Someone on our Facebook Page (thank you Brandi) found and posted this hairstyle and was wondering how to do it. If you want to see the original version of what I was trying to recreate here, you can go to our facebook page and look under the "fan photos" to see it. I didn't dare post the picture on our blog because I'm not sure if it's under copyright or whatever. :) Anyway, I think it's adorable and HAD to try it out.

I did this with wet hair. I'm thinking if you want it more tousled looking (like the picture) dry hair would probably work better. Or, if you're lucky enough to be working with naturally curly hair, even better!
fish braidBtw, the princess is really into flowers right now. We got this adorable one from Pomegranate and Pink. I think it gives this hairstyle just the right finishing touch.

fishtail braid
So, here's the french fish video. Basically you begin with 2 sections and start the same way you do a regular fish tail (taking a small piece from one side and crossing it to the other.) Then, after the first two pieces have been crossed, you continue with this same pattern, just taking your pieces from the sides instead of from the original sections the rest of the way down. That didn't make sense, did it? ;) I think if you can figure out how to get this started, the rest will be a cinch!
Thanks for sharing the cute idea with us, Brandi!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gathered Twists

hairstyles for girls This one is actually very simple. I thought it kind of ended up looking like a french braid. But, no french braiding skills required! If you can do a twist braid, you can do this. Go here for twist braid instructions if you need them. (Or you can do regular braids instead if you want.)

Start with a part down the middle. I did hers coming from a slant in the front.

Start parting out sections and do a twist braid in each one. Go all the way down (doing this on both sides.) Make sure you have the same number of braids on each side. (We ended up with 4 on each side.)Take the first two braids in the front and bring them together at the part, with an elastic.Take the next two braids down and gather them together at the part, including the braids from the previous sections.Continue this all the way to the bottom. Then, make some more twist braids in the final ponytail.

You can leave it like this..........

Or, if you're like me and don't know when to stop......add some bows, rags, or ribbons.

cute hairstyles for girls
twist braids rope braids

Easy and fun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 Minute Hairstyle

quick hairstyle for girls Need to be out the door in 5 minutes? This one's for you! (And literally, we had 5 minutes to do this one, so don't mind the crooked parts and frizzies. :)

Part out a box on top of her head and split it in half diagonally. Put the half towards the back of her head in an elastic.
Split the front section in two and tie a knot like you are starting to tie a shoe.Bring both ends back to the elastic and secure with another elastic over the same spot.Add a cute bow. This one came from Kayte Bug Boutique.
five minute hairstyle for little girls The rest of her hair was wavy from a French Braid the day before. We didn't even touch it.I'm guessing this hairstyle would work for short hair as well!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take Your Pick For The 4th

Yay for fourth of July hairdos! For your hairstyling happiness, (and searching ease) I quickly pulled togther a couple of oldies and a few of our recent posts that I think would be cute for the 4th . Just click on the title/link of the 4th of July hairstyle you want to try to go to the instructions.
Ribbon Star Hairstyle
4th Of July Glowing Hairstyle
Ribbon Cornrows
Twist Braid Star
star hairstyle
Red White and Blue (This one is almost an antique done way last year for the 4th!) After looking at some of our older posts, I have to say my picture taking skills back then sucked even worse than they do now, LOL!! I've improved!! :)
hairstyle with ribbons for girls
Triple Ribbon Buns (This is one of our all time favs. Just use red, white and blue instead of the pink.)

Twisted Star Pigtailsbraided buns with ribbons
French Braids With Ribbons
sewn hairstyle
Patriotic Headband
braided headband
Crazy Firework Hair
4th of july hairstyle Decisions, Decisions........