Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Hairstyles - From Around The World - Part 1

I've had a hard time getting this posted as my daughter and I have been obsessed with watching the Olympics Ice Skating. (Or figure skating.) It's been taking up a lot of our time! The Princess has even noticed the skater's fancy hair and outfits and has wanted to look just like them. She's been wearing a lot of buns to school this week. :) We're actually watching Rachael Flatt, Miki Ando, Kim Yu-Na, Joannie Rochette, Mirai Nagasu and Mao Asada right now as I type!!

Anyway, back to our guest post......

I always love seeing pictures of hairstyles you have done. It's especially fun to see cute hairdos on all different types of hair textures and lengths!! I love that these pictures came from all over the place too. We even had a few people send in hairdos who don't speak English. I've decided that cute hair is the new international language. Everyone understands it!! :)

There were so many adorable hair styles submitted this time around that I decided to break them up into 3 posts. Too much cuteness at once can be overwhelming! So...if you sent something in and don't see it here, it's probably coming. Keep an eye out for the next two posts.

1. Creative Ribbon Hairstyle
2.. Renaissance Braids

3. Easter Basket Hairstyle
4. A Cutie All Dressed Up

5. Flipped Heart Variation
6. Crossing Braids

7. Belle Costume/Hairstyle8. Braids and Beads

9. Original Pigtails and Braids10. Cornrow Braids and Beads

Lots of darling hairstyle ideas to keep you busy! I'll try and get the other two guest posts up next week. In the meantime if any of you have a hairdo you want to share, the fastest and easiest way is to post them on our facebook page and of course everyone is welcome to post there! Or send them in email if you would like.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Four Square Elastic Hairstyle

This is kind of a spin-off of a hairdo we posted on our blog awhile ago: french braids with flair. But, happily-no french braiding skills required here!
little girls hairstyle Start by parting from ear to ear. (Not crooked like mine. :) Then make some sections all the way across and secure with rubber bands (leaving a section on one side temporarily unbanded.) I made 8 sections total. 4 sections on one side of the unbanded section and 3 on the other.

In the unbanded section, part it up into 4 squares (hence the name 4 square hairstyle) like so......
Split the section in the front/top in half. Twist and apply pomade or gel to each piece to keep the flyaways under control. Secure each of the strands to the sections closest to her ears on both sides using another rubber band over the top of the one already there.
Repeat with the next 2 squares, stepping up one section on both sides each time.
At this point if you wanted to leave it down, you could be done. I think it would look cute to add some claw clips or butterfly clips to each of the rubber bands along the back.
hair style for little girls
hairstyle twists
elastic hairstyle I really don't like leaving The Princesses hair down for school too often though. When we do, she usually comes home with a "rats nest" that neither one of us enjoy untangling the next morning. So, we decided to finish this one off with a quick ponytail and a fun little snap clip from Angelas Accessories.
rubber band hairstyle Btw, I'm in the process of getting a post ready with some of the hairstyles YOU guys have sent in soon. So, if you sent me something in the last little while......keep an eye out for that! Also, for "immediate hairstyle sharing gratification" feel free to post your hairdos to our facebook fan page any time. We always love to see the hairstyles you have done!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ribbon Wrapped Hairstyle

ribbon hairstyle
Make a part from ear to ear (like a half pony) and then 3 square sections diagonally, across the top of the half pony.
Thread a ribbon through each of the elastics, making the ends the same length on each side.
Split the hair in half in each section and wrap with the ribbons. If you want hair showing between the ribbon more like this hairstyle, use thinner ribbon. If you don't want the hair showing at all, use thicker ribbon.
Split everything up as shown and make some pigtails in the half pony. At this point you could either leave it just how it is with her hair down. You could make some little buns with the pigtails. You could bring the pigtails together in the back, princess style. Or, you could make some pigtails with the rest like we did.

ribbon wrapping hair style using ribbons
cute girls hairstyle Of course if you didn't want to use ribbons at all, you could braid the sections instead. Or just twist them up, or leave them like straight. Whatever makes you happy. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crossing Paths French Braids

I didn't know quite where I was going with this hairstyle when I started. We usually sorta have a plan, but this one just kind of created itself. Sometimes it's fun to just start braiding on your cute little girl's head and see what you end up with!
Start with a part on the side and make 2 sections going down to her ear. Secure the section in the front with an elastic right above her ear. Put the section in the back in a temporary clip or scrunchie to keep it out of the way.Make 2 more diagonal sections behind the first two and inside-out french braid them.Now take the scrunchie out of the section in front of the french braids, split it in 2, and braid both pieces. Bring the braids over across the top of the french braids (to the other side of her head) and secure them each to a little piece of hair under your part with an elastic. I curled the hair in each of the 5 little ponytails with our flat iron and added a couple of cute clips from Nellie Bugs to the section in the front.x braids
woven braids
criss crossed braids
criss crossed cornrows
hairstyles for little girls

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Hairstyles

Since the big day is just hours away and obviously I don't have time to post anymore hairstyles individually........ You can find all of our heart-day hairstyles together in one post here: Have fun choosing!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ribbon Heart Half Ponytail Hairstyle

This will most likely be our last Valentine's Day Hairstyle post this year. (Even though it was actually done last year.) I think it's my favorite one too. Simple and sweet. :) heart hairstyleMake a half pony. Split in half and braid each side.Form a heart shape. I didn't do step by step instructions for the sewing. Go to this sewn heart hairstyle if you need help with that. Start at the bottom, by the elastic and just wrap the ribbon around the braid until you get up to the point where the heart is sitting on top of the half pony. That is where you start the actual sewing. Grab as much hair with your stitches as you can because the ribbon at the top is holding the heart onto her head and also forming the shape.So, in this picture only the top 8 stitches (4 on each side) are actually sewn to her hair. The rest of the ribbon is just wrapped around the braid on each side. Does that make any sense?ribbon heart hairvalentines ribbon hairdo
This one was fairly quick. We were done in 12 minutes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

French Braided Heart

Yet another Valentines Day post from 2009. I need to hurry if I'm going to fit all of these in!! I still have a few more I want to post before the big day.....we'll see if I can find the time.

Oh and is it just my biased mom vision, or are her eyes extremely beautiful in this picture? Gosh I'm glad her daddy passed those genes on!!
cute girl hairstyleOk, back to hair. I didn't do step by step pics for this one. It's basically this heart hairstyle, just French Braided instead of Elastic Braided.
heart made out of french braids
french braid heartfrench braided heart
french braid heart hairstyle Gotta love the wet hair here. Yep, we have those days too. A LOT~! The next day I left the braids in and pulled everything else back into a messy bun. It looked adorable. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. Anyway, that's another option with this hairstyle.