Friday, February 25, 2011

Woven French Braid Ponytail

French Braiding, Weaving, and Knotting:

This is a fun woven braid ponytail style. I wouldn't say this hairdo is super quick or easy, but definitely unique! An attention getter for sure. :) We haven't had time to do a different hairstyle like this for awhile and had so much fun creating it.

For best results, I would recommend making this hair style with wet hair to help the strands stay smooth while you are braiding the basket weave and tying the knots.

french braiding I realize this looks like there is some seriously intricate french braiding and plaiting going on here, but really... this isn't as hard as it looks.
woven ponytail I could see this hairstyle working for a gymnastics meet, a Renaissance Faire, figure skating, dance competitions, or maybe even school of you have an extra 20-30 minutes in the morning lol.
french plaiting wovenThis is basically a combination of several styles:French braids with flairWoven pigtails andKnotted Headband Here's the video tutorial. Hopefully it makes sense! I had to cut it up a little bit so that it didn't go on and on and on. :) Btw, The design weaver tool we used in this video can be found at Hair Flair Boutique.
Of course, let us know how it goes if you try this one. We would love to see your hairstyle pictures on our facebook page!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Curling Iron Ringlets

Making Ringlet Curls Using A Curling Iron

We've had some questions regarding how we curl the princess's hair. And.... how we get the curls to stay in.

We actually use several different methods for curling:

Sometimes we braid her hair into cornrows while it's wet, then take the braids out (after the hair has dried) to make a crimped wavy look.

Sometimes we use our flat iron for waves and spirals. We have a video showing how to do that here: How to curl with a flat iron.

Sometimes we use curlers or rollers. I've found that this method seems to hold the curl the best and longest. And I like that no heat is used during the process, but it is time consuming to roll the hair and wait for it to dry.

Most of the time we use our regular old curling iron to make curls.

All of the curly hairstyles shown below were made using our curling iron with the technique shown in this video: (Which btw was taken before we got her hair cut.)

(Our twisty flower girl hairstyle, our basket weave hairstyle, and our Barbie hairstyle.)
ringlet hairstyle ringlet curls

curly hair making curls with a curling iron
Our own little curly hairstyle gallery! :) And...Here's our "How To Curl Long Hair With A Curling Iron" video tutorial: For getting the curls to stay in, I usually spray some hairspray on her hair before and after we curl it.... that's it!? Unfortunately I don't have any huge secrets. I think a lot of it has to do with hair texture. Some hair seems to hold curl well, and some just doesn't. You may try experimenting with different hair products if you're having trouble keeping curls in. And of course, if you have any secrets or suggestions for keeping "hard to curl" hair from falling out, please leave a comment under this post for us. You may help someone out! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Hairstyle Collection

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Here's our Valentine "card" to you. :) A fun video with all of our Valentine's hairdos together just for fun.

Hope you are all having a great time making cute V-day hairstyles for school today. And, if you do.... we want to see them! Feel free to post your Valentine's hairdos on our facebook page.

(To find step by step instructions on any of the styles in the video, go to this Valentine's Hair post.)

And btw, I wanted to send congratulations to my good hair blogging friend Mindy over at Adopt a Do who added a new addition to the family over the weekend! What an amazing gift. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Heart Hairstyle

Babies can have cute hairstyles for Valentine's Day too!

It's a challenge for our little sweet pea to hold still :) but this basic heart hairstyle only takes about 30 seconds to complete, so it's doable. We basically did this valentines hair style (minus the ribbon and on a smaller scale.)
baby valentine's hair style The trick to keeping this heart in place is all in the way the elastic is added at the bottom. As you can see in this image: Not only did I wrap the elastic around the 2 ends of the heart, but also added in some hair underneath to keep the heart from flopping around and coming undone.
baby heart hair style This concept is obviously nothing new, but looked so cute on her tiny head....... we just had to share!
infant girl heart hairWe didn't want our little pea to miss out on all the V-day hairstyle fun! I wasn't sure if we could get a heart to work and we barely had enough hair! But... we found out, it can be done. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CSNstores Giveaway Winner

The winner of the csnstores gift certificate (chosen by is.....

Congrats to Nick, Ashley, Regan, Coen and Ike! Please send an email to princesshairstyles at gmail dot com and I will get you your gift certificate code.

Thank you everyone for participating in our week long giveaway event! We'll be back to posting hairstyles again shortly. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Hairstyle - Diagonal Heart

Valentine's Day Hairstyles - Ribbon Heart Hair

Here's another fun hairdo to add to our valentines day hair collection.valentines hair with ribbon
heart hairstyle valentines heart hairstyleThis type of "romantic" heart hairstyle really isn't anything new, but we did add a fun new twist with the way we added the ribbon. I think this turned out to be one of my favorite hearts so far!Here's our video tutorial:
So, have you decided how you will be wearing your hair for Valentine's Day yet? So many choices!