Monday, May 23, 2011

Spiral Knot French Braid

This is a fun and unique braid that I sort of figured out on accident! :) We were doing our knotted french braid hairstyle for school one morning and with just a small tweak, it turned into this.......
braided side ponytailIn case you have forgotten what the original knotted french braid looks like, here it is below: As you can see when you compare these 2 braids, they really don't look the same at all. But as you'll notice in the video... they are made almost the exact same way.
unique knot braid (Sorry about the poor quality of these pics btw. I had pictures of this finished hairdo saved in draft when blogger had it's outage and well, they seem to have disappeared. Of course, I deleted the original pictures off of my card and didn't want to do the hairstyle over. So, I ended up just using a few screen shots of the video for our blog.)

Here's a picture of the back of this hairstyle. We have been loving side ponytails lately and I really like how this braid adds a little something extra to the style.
cute side ponytail styleAnother variation we did with this recently: This hair style was made with the same braiding technique shown in the video below. We just added another braid underneath the first one and took smaller sections to bring the "spirals" or "coils" closer together. There are lots of fun variations and hairstyles you could make with this braid.
coiled spiral braidAnd here's the Spiral French Braid Video Tutorial:

Surprisingly, this hairstyle only takes a few minutes to complete. You can be out the door for school, work or whatever in 5 minutes or less!

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